For years I have been a writer, an editor and a teacher of creative writing. Now I want to share some of what I have learned along the way. Write On The Fringes is a blog about the dangers, the disappointments and the rewards of writing. It's a record of the writing of a novel, from the tantalising first inklings of an idea, through to the final draft. But above all it's an exploration of the art and the craft of writing and the nature of story, as well as a search for the essence of creativity and the complex nature of truth.

Friday, January 31, 2014

A New Website

 It’s been some months since I have posted on this blog. Much has happened during those months: financial meltdowns, a house move, work on my novel and a non-fiction book, work with my students, research seminars, talks . . . much of it designed it seems, to take me out of my comfort zone. Well the result is that the paramaters of my comfort zone have broadened, and this finally gave me the determination to overcome ignorance and an economic downturn and design a new website and blog, the Centre for Story

Here I will build on the explorations I have undertaken in Write on the Fringes, as well as offer resources and my services as a mentor, editor, speaker and workshop facilitator.

Thank you to everyone who has followed Write on the Fringes and I do hope you continue the journey by crossing over to the Centre for Story. You can also follow the Centre for Story on facebook and on twitter.  

For anyone new to Write on the Fringes, there is much material here about story, creativity and the art and craft of writing, so please have an explore, but I would love it if you also took a look at the Centre.